ATC – Workout 1 (Body Blaster)

This workout is 8 sets of 3:00. You’ll complete the complex of 5-rep exercises at that top of each 3:00. Whatever time is left is considered rest time.

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Included in this work:

10×3 Single DB clean/press @1:00

12:00 AMRAP
10 Bag slams
5-5 Single DB Thrusters
10 Situps
250m Run

Tabata Fun!

Today’s workout!

Tabata toes to bar
Tabata farmers walk (70# DBs)
Tabata bag slam (20#)
Tabata HR push-ups

Rest 1:30 between exercises


Hotter Than Heck – “Team Lille!”

3rd installment in our 95+ degree workouts. It’s an oldy-but-goldy! Search “hotter” for the rest of the workouts in this series. This was dedicated to Lille Duran my little friend who was in a big battle. Follow her on Twitter @Lillegrace24

Bootcamp Baseline #4

bootcamp baseline 4

Here’s what we used as our benchmark workout for the 8 weeks. We’ll check again in weeks 4 and 8 to see how our fitness levels have progressed.

20:00 = 20 minutes

AMRAP = as many rounds as possible through the workout

M = meters

MFit Baseline 1

AMRAP* in 20 minutes of:
10 – BO Row (each side)
10 – HR Pushups
10 – Goblet Squats
10 – OH Sandbell Slams
200 meter run

This is one of the workouts we use as a fitness test. Scale the weight as needed. I used 70# dumbbell and 20# sandbell

*AMRAP – as many rounds as possible

The Burpee Run

BurpeeSimple and possibly butt-kicking conditioning workout.

8 rounds of:

800 meter run
10 burpees*

*We usually do the hand-release one where you go full body to the ground instead of the burpee where your chest doesn’t hit the ground.


Belong – Workout 1

Good shoulder area workout mixed in with some full-body stuff.

Complete 8 rounds of Clean and Split Jerk. Do each set at the top of 2:00 minutes.

Finish with 3 rounds of:
2- 50m sprints
10 – spidey push ups
20 – seated slams

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